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Multi-lingual Solutions

Does your business need to interact with diverse employees, clients or patients? Does it operate in different countries around the world? 


Index Lingua, a diverse certified business located downtown Kansas Citycan help with the language barrier by providing you access to a professional interpreter over the phone (or via videoconference) who will listen to your limited English speaking client, analyze their message and accurately convey it to you or your staff member. All this In a matter of seconds, and in over 200 languages


With Index Lingua, you pay only for the services you use:


  • Flat per-minute rate or tiered

  • Volume-based pricing available

  • Rapid deployment and full account transparency

  • Discounting based on cumulative customer group usage

  • Customized billing and reporting

  • No time-of-day surcharges

  • Certified response time


Interested? Get a free quote by clicking here

Other services include certified language translations, and video dubbing.


When you need help communicating with all your clients or employees, please contact us. We are here to help you.

Language Line Phone Interpreters
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