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One Stop-Shop Language Services 

When it comes to language communication, each client has their unique goals, needs and budgets. This is why we offer to explore our potential clients' special circumstances and past experiences in order to design, implement and monitor the interactive set of services they need to reach their goals.



Below are some examples of the services provided and some of the service systems we have created for our clients:

  • Translating and culturally adapting a survey for a national sports team, locating 500 Spanish speakers to respond to the survey

  • Providing 24/7 instant telephonic interpretation in over 200 languages for a major utility company

  • Providing 24/7 VRI video remote interpretation in over 200 languages for a medical facility

  • Creating a language-assistance system to solve the in-home technicians' language communication challenge for a major utility company

  • Dubbing safety training videos from English to Spanish for a national restaurant chain

  • Facilitating members of the Hispanic community for focus groups

  • Organizing a multi-language simultaneous interpreted conference, providing interpreters, equipment and technical assistance

  • Providing national and international certification and notarization of legal and medical documents

  • Translating and culturally adapting marketing material, including graphic design, adapted to the Hispanic community

  • Assisting with adapting content to a television marketing campaign.

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