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No More Language Barriers

Index Lingüa is a DWMBE certified business. We provide Interactive Language Systems designed to solve all communication challenges at the fastest speed, with the best quality and at reasonable prices.

  • Language & Communication Consulting

  • Nationwide Coverage

  • 24/7, 365 Interpretation and Technical Support Service

  • Telephonic Interpreting (including American Sign Language)

  • Video Interpretation

  • Interactive Interpretation

  • Guaranteed Response Speed

  • Quality Assurance

  • HIPAA Trained Interpreters

  • Document and Audiovisual Translation available.

Our Professional Language Specialists

Before an interpreter is on the line with their first client, he or she is fully skilled of how to maintain accuracy and confidentiality. Our interpreters are submitted to a rigorous training process to ensure that they fully understand the concepts most vital to professional interpretation. They also have a keen understanding of the requirements for impartiality and integrity.


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